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All Program contractors can view recordings and download the presentation PDFs. For additional recorded sessions, please visit the Training Videos page.

Date → Recording → PDF of Presentations

01/06/2023 → Watch Now → Contractor Check In 01/06/2023
Topics Covered: 2022 Year in Review, 120 Day Project Completion, Contractor Portal RMES Update, Portal Training Schedule, Geo-Eligibilty Update, BPI BPA-T and BA- Implementation, Assessments and Certifications

12/02/2022 → Watch Now → Contractor Check In 12/02/2022
Topics Covered: Contractor Portal Replacement RMES Update

11/04/2022 → Watch Now → Contractor Check In 11/04/2022
Topics Covered: Contractor Portal RMES Update, IRA Updates, Heat Pump Planner/ Clean Homes Connect, Rental Property Rules Clarifications, Res Cases Escalation Monthly Update

10/07/2022 → Watch Now → Contractor Check In 10/07/2022
Topics Covered: Contractor Portal Replacement, Case Escalation Summary, Project Completion Timeline, Appliance Delivery

9/09/2022 → Watch Now → Contractor Check In 9/09/2022
Topics Covered: Accepting Projects/Contact Info Guidance, PA Renewal, No-Heat Guidance, Project Completion Timelines, 2nd Story Insulation Pricing Change, New EmPCalc version, New Contractor Site, Lauch Preview

8/05/2022 → Watch Now → Contractor Check In 8/05/2022
Topics Covered: Standards and Quality Assurance Updates, EmPCalc and Program Updates

7/26/2022 → Watch Now → Workflow Improvement Working Group – Project Approval Process
Project Approval Process Presentation

7/26/2022 → Watch Now → Workflow Improvement Working Group – Final Project Review and Payout
Final Project Review and Payout Information Presentation

7/01/2022 → Watch Now → Contractor Check In 7/01/2022
Topics Covered: Case Escalation Process Review, Finance and ProForma Changes, Attribution Logo, Spanish Application, Program Changes-Insulation Debris, Panel Box Clarification, IRS Mileage, Delivered Fuel Rate Update, AHP Audit Process Changes

5/06/2022 → Watch Now → Contractor Check In 5/06/2022
Topics Covered: Rental Property Rule Clarification, Showerheads, Glass Block Windows, Healthy Homes Pilot Contractor Enrollment, CLEAResult Address Change, HEAP Cooling, New Logo

4/20/2022 → Watch Now → Financing Solutions- Meet New Lenders for NYS 4/20/2022

4/01/2022 → Watch Now → Contractor Check In 4/01/2022
Topics Covered: Program point of contact, Program savings and realization rates, Direct Install, EmPCalc updates, and Program change Q&A

3/17/2022 → Watch Now → Q&A Session: Follow Up on Trainings 4-6
Topics Covered: Questions from Program changes trainings 4-6

3/15/2022 → Watch Now → Final Project Submission and Payout
Topics Covered: Documents and forms required for final project submission and payout and Review of the process in the NY HP Portal for payout in EmPower NY and HPwES Express Contract workflows

3/10/2022 → Watch Now → Workscope Submission
Topics Covered: Review of the process for the submission of projects in the NY HP Portal for approval in both the EmPower NY and HPwES Express Contract workflows

3/08/2022 → Watch Now → Eligible Measures List/EmPCalc
Topics Covered: How to use and interpret the new eligible measures list and How to use the redesigned EmPCalc and where additional information on the calculations can be found

3/04/2022 → Watch Now → Contractor Check In 3/04/2022
Topics Covered: HEAP Heat Pump Update and Program Changes Q & A

3/01/2022 → Watch Now → Audit & Direct Install
Topics Covered
: Overview of the Program requirements for home energy assessments, Review Direct Install of approved neasures, and Review of NY HP Portal steps for both EmPower NY and HPwES Express Contract workflows

2/24/2022 → Watch Now → Application – Salesforce-Referrals-Documentation
Topics Covered: Review of the Combined Residential Application process and subsequent improvements and What to expect with the end of Express Audits and Combined Projects

2/22/2022 → Watch Now → Introduction & Overview
Topics Covered: Review of the upcoming Program changes in relation to the series of trainings developed and the resources available to navigate the changes

2/04/2022 → Watch Now → Contractor Check-In 2/04/2022
Topics Covered: OTDA HEAP Heat Pump Funding, Using a tax return for determining income, March 28 Program Change Trainings, and SQA Portal Update

1/13/2022 → Watch Now → Combined Application Improvements
Topics Covered: Review of recent improvements to Combined Application

1/07/2022 → Watch Now → Contractor Check-In 1/07/2022
Topics Covered: Change of Proof-No Income Requirement and EmPCalc Demo

12/03/2021 → Watch Now → Contractor Check-In 12/03/2021
Topics Covered: National Grid-Total Home Comfort Program, AHP-EmPower Certificate of Completion Update, Healthy Homes, BPI Site Supervisor and EmPower Pricing Survey Update 

11/5/2021 → Watch Now → Contractor Check-In 11/5/2021
Topics Covered: Landlord Rules

10/08/2021 → Watch Now → Contractor Check-In 10/08/2021
Topics Covered: Quick Reminders, Upcoming Program Changes, Tracking Deferrals, No-Heat Process and Pellet Stoves

9/10/2021 → Watch Now → Contractor Check-In 9/10/2021
Topics Covered: Landlord Rules-Revisit, Not-For-Profit Guidance, Payment Cycle, Program Referrals and FAQ

8/06/2021 → Watch Now → Contractor Check-In 8/06/2021
Topics Covered: BPI Supervisor Certificate, Subsidy Expiration Dates, Digital Signature Guidance, Income Limits Update and Regional Meetings

6/04/2021 → Watch Now → Contractor Check-In 6/04/2021
Topics Covered: BPI Sit Supervisor Certificate, RGGI Update, Spray Foam Update, COVID-19 Safe Business Practices Update and SQA Update

5/06/2021 → Watch Now → Contractor Check-In 5/06/2021
Topics Covered: NYSERDA Heat Pump Planner, NYSERDA Cooperative Meeting, Participation Agreement Updates, BPI Field Supervisor Certificate and Partial Payments

4/02/2021 → Watch Now → Contractor Check-In 4/02/2021
Topics Covered: Vaccination Update, COVID Procedures Check-In, BPI Site Supervisor Cert & Procedures, Payment Issue Procedure and EmPower+ Program Update

3/05/2021 → Watch Now → Contractor Check-In 3/05/2021
Topics Covered: Referrals, Healthy Homes Value Based Pilot, Direct Install, Landlord Rules, Changes to EmPower, Heat Pump Adder Study Updates and EmPCalc Updates

2/05/2021 → Watch Now → Contractor Check-In 2/05/2021
Topics Covered: EmPower Pricing/Fuel Rates, Adding Pellet Stoves to EmPower+ and Heat Pump Adder Update

1/08/2021 → Watch Now → Contractor Check-In 1/08/2021
Topics Covered: Program Modifications, EmPower Pricing Survey, BPCA Presentation and GJGNY Financing-New Loan Products

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