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Moderate Income Heat Pump Incentive Study

Thank you for participating in the Moderate-Income Air Source Heat Pump Incentive Study.

Customers can complete the Moderate Income ASHP Incentive Study webform (~3 minutes) either ahead of an energy audit if they are interested in an Air Source Heat Pump or during an audit and recommendation if the audit reveals the need for heating or cooling upgrades. Customers will be awarded an additional stackable incentive to help with the installation of a full heating load system ASHP of a randomly  determined amount of either $1,000 or $3,000. Both the contractor and customer will be notified of the incentive amount via email within two business days. We suggest filling this application out prior to an audit if possible so that the incentive is known ahead of the visit.  All incentives are subject to NYSERDA Assisted Home Performance (AHP) income verification (Tier 3) and all projects must be completed through NYSERDA AHP in order to be awarded the incentive. Funds will be disbursed to contractors when AHP deems the project as completed. The budget on this website will be updated as Committed projects enter AHP. Note that this incentive is offered in addition to AHP incentives only and must be for an ASHP system that covers 90-120% of the heating load. Refer to the PowerPoint slides and recorded webinar (15 minutes) for other details about the incentive. Thank you!