Tuesday 18 January 2022

Weatherization Health & Safety - Online

Weatherization Health & Safety - Online 

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Course Description:

This online course will be covered in one day.  Class starts at 9:00am and will break at noon for an hour lunch.  The next half session will start at 1:00pm and go until 4:00pm.

Identifying health and safety issues in client homes is a fundamental task in the Weatherization program. This course will prepare the weatherization professional to perform the H&S inspection as well as required tests. Areas to be covered include: CO in ambient and flue gases, CAZ depressurization, worst case backdrafting, moisture/mold, asbestos, lead, clearances to combustibles, overloaded electrical circuits, unvented space heating. 

This is an HCR mandated training for Weatherization Directors, Auditors, Crew Supervisors and Crews. If you are a new Director or have new staff, you are strongly advised to attend.  This training requires attendance every three (3) years.

Class Size: 25


Instructor:  Joe Ilacqua & Al McMahon - NYSWDA

Course Fees: 

$262/person - NY Weatherization Sub-grantees

$262/person - affiliate members

$380/person - non-members

**Special note - if you wish to become an Affiliate Member please contact Drew Ehrlich (315-701-0440 ext. 225, dehrlich@nyswda.orgBEFORE YOU REGISTER for the course.

Through the support of NYS HCR funding, we are able to provide quality training at discounted rates to NYSWDA members.

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