Thursday 16 August 2018

LIFE Webinar Series - Exploring Zero Energy Modular Homes as an Affordable Housing Solution


Zero Energy Modular (ZEM) homes are an emerging affordable housing solution. Factory built, all-electric and highly efficient, ZEMs are often outfitted with rooftop solar and use about as much energy as they produce each year, resulting in low or no monthly energy bills for residents. ZEMs were initially developed as a mobile home replacement but have been deployed in multiple other affordable housing applications.

NYSERDA and Vermont Energy Investment Corporation (VEIC) are researching what it will take to bring ZEM to New York State. During this webinar, NYSERDA and VEIC will provide an overview of ZEM along with preliminary thoughts on the opportunities and barriers of ZEM as an affordable housing solution. The Q&A session will include discussion about possibilities, benefits, and challenges of ZEM. Details about an opportunity to participate in a focused discussion about ZEM as an affordable housing solution will be provided during the webinar.

Presenters: Alison Donovan, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, Phillip Picotte, Vermont Energy Investment Corporation; John Scicchitano, NYSERDA

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