Wednesday 18 July 2018

NYSWDA - BPI Building Analyst Professional - Day 3

Course Description:
Day 3
Building Analyst training provides the foundation of building science through the framework of an audit process to understanding the "how's" and "why's" of building issues: ice dams, mold and indoor air quality. It is the quintessential "house-as-a-system" in what goes on in building durability, comfort and energy usage.

This five day course provides an understanding of the BPI Building Analyst Standards through classroom studies and in-field activities. The in-field portion of the class will provide hands-on training with gas appliance testing, blower door use and set-up and proper and accurate combustion appliance zone testing in the state-of-the-art NYSWDA Pressure House and Heating Lab.

The class is followed by a review of the BPI standards and the 100-question (2 hour) Building Analyst test. After the trainees successfully complete the written portion of the test, we will schedule them for the Field test.

Monday - Building Science Module
Tuesday & Wednesday:
Mornings - Auditing Module
Afternoons - Heating Lab Modules
Afternoons - Pressure House Modules
Thursday - Building Math Module
Morning - Standards Review
Afternoon - Test

Location: NYSWDA Training Center - East Syracuse, NY
Date: Mon., July 16 - Fri., July 20, 2018

Who should attend: Building auditors, experienced crew chiefs and anyone looking for BPI BA Certification
Prerequisites: none - although it is highly recommended that attendees have a strong construction background. If not, we recommend that attendees first complete our introductory courses in Boot Camp and Heating & Venting Fundamentals.


Al McMahon, NYSWDA

Course fee:
• $507 pp NYS WAP Sub-grantee (65% Savings)
• $725 pp* Affiliate Member (50% Savings)
• $1,450 pp* Non-member
BPI fees:
• $250/pp 100-question written test
• $500/pp field test (must be taken within 1 year of completing the written test)

*Special note - if you wish to become an Affiliate Member, and save 50% off the non-member rate, please contact Lila Laguna (518-690-0494, BEFORE YOU REGISTER for the course.
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Through the support of NYS HCR funding, we are able to continue to provide quality training at an affordable price for NYS WAP Sub-grantees.

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